A quick-hit analysis following the inevitable parting of mutual consent between Chelsea and Jose Mourinho.  I looked at the change in ELO score from the start of the season to today.  The figures look kindly on Chelsea’s decision.

ELO Change Aug 1 to Dec 17 2015

(Click here for an interactive version)

There’s not much else to mention beyond Jonathan Wilson’s outstanding article in Issue 19 of The Blizzard.  The 95-point ELO decrease reflects Chelsea’s brutal start to the season.  Valencia and Sevilla have had similar, disappointing campaigns as well.  After finishing fourth place and fifth place respectively, both clubs are out of the Champions League and hovering around mid-table.  Valencia hired Gary Neville a few weeks ago, while Unai Emery – fresh off a Europa League win last season – remains with Sevilla.

A few teams have righted the ship with their coaching changes.  Bologna languished in the relegation zone in late October when they hired Roberto Donadoni, but improved by 60 ELO points in his short tenure.  Liverpool declined by 41 points when they changed managers, and Jurgen Klopp has Liverpool up 10 points since his hire.

Finally, there is little doubt for coach of the year front-runners in England and Italy.  Claudio Ranieri’s tactics have Leicester sitting in first place in England, and leads the Top 5 Euro clubs with an 85 point improvement.  Maurizio Sarri – who Dustin Ward praised in June on StatsBomb – has Napoli up 56 ELO points this season and just four points out of first place.