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February 2016

Goal of the Week: Joe-Max Moore v. Argentina, June 1999

When the US faced Argentina in 1999, it was the first encounter between the two sides since the US’ famous 3-0 upset win in Copa America 1995.  Of course, four years is an eternity in international soccer, and Earnie Stewart, Cobi Jones, Joe-Max Moore, and Kasey Keller were the only holdovers from that victory.

Like he did a year prior in his masterful display against Brazil, Keller played an enormous role in this game.  Continue reading “Goal of the Week: Joe-Max Moore v. Argentina, June 1999”


MLS and the Youth Attacker Paradox

Through most of its existence, MLS has held a symbiotic relationship with the US National Team.  The league owes its existence to the 1994 World Cup hosting rights, and one of the stated goals of MLS is to develop players for the national team pool.   Since the league’s creation, at least half the players on each World Cup roster have had some MLS experience.  Off the field, Soccer United Marketing handles commercialization efforts for both MLS and the US National Team.  The bond between the national federation and domestic league is the foundation of the “For Club and Country” rallying cry.

The past few years, though, have featured a turbulent divergence from the norm. Continue reading “MLS and the Youth Attacker Paradox”

Goal of the Week: Carlos Bocanegra v. Guatemala, August 2008

Across the US Soccer aesthetic spectrum, there is ugly, CONCACAF ugly, and then this game ugly. Continue reading “Goal of the Week: Carlos Bocanegra v. Guatemala, August 2008”

Creativity, Inventiveness, and the US Midfield

Creativity has an amorphous definition on the soccer field.  It’s easier to think of creativity in broad strokes than it is to define precisely why a player is creative or not.  The classic representative of creativity is the #10, a technical playmaker who dictates a team’s attack from a central position (long, flowing hair optional).  The glamorous list of classic trequartistas includes Roberto Baggio, Zinedine Zidane, Francesco Totti, Kaka, Rui Costa, Juan Riquelme, and Carlos Valderrama. Continue reading “Creativity, Inventiveness, and the US Midfield”

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