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April 2016

Goal of the Week: Clint Mathis v. South Korea, June 2002

South Korea had one of the stingiest defenses in the 2002 World Cup.  The co-host reached the semi-finals, and before the third place game, conceded to only Clint Mathis, Christian Vieri, and Michael Ballack.  Among those goal-scorers, Mathis scored with the most style. Continue reading “Goal of the Week: Clint Mathis v. South Korea, June 2002”


Evaluating 2015 MLS Passing and Dribbling Success

For the past 8 years, the Spanish/Barcelona possession-based philosophy cast a long shadow over the soccer world, inspiring imitators and reactive trends alike.  Of course, there are many ways to attack, and teams such as Atletico Madrid and Leicester City have thrived recently without dominating possession.

While possession dominance hasn’t correlated to MLS success, it is still important to have individual players who can successfully complete a pass and retain possession when needed.  The expectations for how many passes a player should complete will vary by role on the field and a team’s tactical plan.  Let’s look at multiple passing statistics from the 2015 MLS season for a better sense of the league norms.  Continue reading “Evaluating 2015 MLS Passing and Dribbling Success”

Goal of the Week: Bruce Murray v. Austria, June 1990

Bruce Murray emerged from the wilderness of mid-80s US soccer to retire as the leading goal scorer in national team history.  Though it was a consolation goal, it’s fitting that his list of accomplishments includes scoring in the World Cup. Continue reading “Goal of the Week: Bruce Murray v. Austria, June 1990”

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