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June 2016

The Making of John Brooks

John Brooks produced a Man of the Match performance against Paraguay in the final game of the Copa America group stage.  It was a game that solidified his place as starting center-back for the US.  Brooks followed that game with another outstanding outing against Ecuador, propelling the US to a semi-final match-up with Argentina.

It’s all a far cry from last summer, when Brooks received criticism for his play in the 2015 Gold Cup, most notably against Jamaica.  In just a year, how did Brooks go from a lightning rod for criticism to a player that inspired a hashtag? Continue reading “The Making of John Brooks”


Goal of the Week: Juan Agudelo v. Argentina, March 2011

With a Copa America semi-final looming, let’s look back at the last American to score a goal against Argentina.  Continue reading “Goal of the Week: Juan Agudelo v. Argentina, March 2011”

Why Does Mexico Have Longer Odds than the US at Copa America?

The US opens Copa America tonight against Colombia.  It should be the toughest game of the group stage, but it’s unlikely the US will have any easy matches in this tournament. Continue reading “Why Does Mexico Have Longer Odds than the US at Copa America?”

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