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January 2017

Global Leaders in Key Passes and Shots

After the in-depth look at MLS Key Passes, let’s look at those findings in a global context.  I analyzed the top 10 players in key passes for the Big 5 Euro leagues, MLS, and added the top-flight from Argentina and Brazil.  All eligible players played at least 500 minutes, and all stats are from the current season or most recent season (2016 for Brasileirão and MLS): Continue reading “Global Leaders in Key Passes and Shots”


Over There: US National Team Transfers from MLS to Europe

In a turbulent year for US Soccer, Christian Pulisic’s rise at Borussia Dortmund emerged as a positive.  Not since John O’Brien at Ajax and Jonathan Spector at Manchester United had a US player charted a similar development path.  Like O’Brien and Spector, Pulisic earned his first US cap in the same year as his professional breakthrough.  However, in the global context, this path is atypical.  It’s more common that a player debuts professionally with a team in his home country and then transfers abroad.

For an American player, that means playing in MLS and then heading abroad.  Where can a player with national team aspirations reasonably expect to go? Continue reading “Over There: US National Team Transfers from MLS to Europe”

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