The US script at international tournaments often includes moments of triumph and tragedy, luck and misfortune.  World Cups generally regarded as successful required an 88th minute South Korean post in 2002 and a Landon Donovan miracle goal in 2010 just to escape group play.  A poor tournament, like 2006, still featured a point off of eventual winners Italy.  2014 illustrated how quickly a narrative could shift with the right results: the US were a last-minute Portugal goal from six points in the group stage, and nearly stole the Belgium game against the run of play.

No tournament exemplified this capacity better than the 2009 Confederations Cup.  It’s the US’ South African road trip film: hijinks, half-baked plans, serendipity, a triumphant turning point, and despite the odds, arriving at the destination. Continue reading “When the US Solved a Spanish Puzzle”