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When the US Solved a Spanish Puzzle

The US script at international tournaments often includes moments of triumph and tragedy, luck and misfortune.  World Cups generally regarded as successful required an 88th minute South Korean post in 2002 and a Landon Donovan miracle goal in 2010 just to escape group play.  A poor tournament, like 2006, still featured a point off of eventual winners Italy.  2014 illustrated how quickly a narrative could shift with the right results: the US were a last-minute Portugal goal from six points in the group stage, and nearly stole the Belgium game against the run of play.

No tournament exemplified this capacity better than the 2009 Confederations Cup.  It’s the US’ South African road trip film: hijinks, half-baked plans, serendipity, a triumphant turning point, and despite the odds, arriving at the destination. Continue reading “When the US Solved a Spanish Puzzle”


Getting Sharp, Fast: Early-Season MLS and World Cup Qualifiers

It’s rare that tension rises this high, this early for the US in a World Cup Qualifying cycle.  Zero points in the first two games, though, led to the heightened importance of this Friday’s home qualifier against Honduras.  The US hired Bruce Arena in the interest of short-term stability, and a review of previous campaigns show that this low-risk approach made sense.  Here are the points by matchday for each US World Cup Hex, from 1998 through today: Continue reading “Getting Sharp, Fast: Early-Season MLS and World Cup Qualifiers”

Over There: US National Team Transfers from MLS to Europe

In a turbulent year for US Soccer, Christian Pulisic’s rise at Borussia Dortmund emerged as a positive.  Not since John O’Brien at Ajax and Jonathan Spector at Manchester United had a US player charted a similar development path.  Like O’Brien and Spector, Pulisic earned his first US cap in the same year as his professional breakthrough.  However, in the global context, this path is atypical.  It’s more common that a player debuts professionally with a team in his home country and then transfers abroad.

For an American player, that means playing in MLS and then heading abroad.  Where can a player with national team aspirations reasonably expect to go? Continue reading “Over There: US National Team Transfers from MLS to Europe”

Arena’s First Order of Business? Address the Midfield

Even the best of national team management tenures usually end poorly, and Jurgen Klinsmann’s was no different.  After a somewhat self-inflicted loss against Mexico and capitulation against Costa Rica, the US found itself in last place in the Hex.  Enter a manager change: the USSF hired Bruce Arena to ensure the US’ qualification for the 2018 World Cup.  Even with the two game deficit, odds are that the US should still qualify.  What’s unknown is what Arena’s team might look like at the World Cup itself. Continue reading “Arena’s First Order of Business? Address the Midfield”

US Attacking Options Against Mexico

It’s US v Mexico, Round 8 for Jurgen Klinsmann.  Klinsmann started his US coaching tenure with an appropriately disjointed 1-1 draw against Mexico.  Only Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Tim Howard, and Michael Orozco remain from the starting XI that day.  However, the approach to attacking chances represented US v Mexico games in the Klinsmann era.  Mexico favor a high-volume approach to shooting, while the US tend to take fewer shots, but place a higher percentage of those shots on target.

Last year’s Confederation Cup playoff game, though, broke the trend.  Continue reading “US Attacking Options Against Mexico”

The Making of John Brooks

John Brooks produced a Man of the Match performance against Paraguay in the final game of the Copa America group stage.  It was a game that solidified his place as starting center-back for the US.  Brooks followed that game with another outstanding outing against Ecuador, propelling the US to a semi-final match-up with Argentina.

It’s all a far cry from last summer, when Brooks received criticism for his play in the 2015 Gold Cup, most notably against Jamaica.  In just a year, how did Brooks go from a lightning rod for criticism to a player that inspired a hashtag? Continue reading “The Making of John Brooks”

Goal of the Week: Juan Agudelo v. Argentina, March 2011

With a Copa America semi-final looming, let’s look back at the last American to score a goal against Argentina.  Continue reading “Goal of the Week: Juan Agudelo v. Argentina, March 2011”

Why Does Mexico Have Longer Odds than the US at Copa America?

The US opens Copa America tonight against Colombia.  It should be the toughest game of the group stage, but it’s unlikely the US will have any easy matches in this tournament. Continue reading “Why Does Mexico Have Longer Odds than the US at Copa America?”

Goal of the Week: Clint Mathis v. South Korea, June 2002

South Korea had one of the stingiest defenses in the 2002 World Cup.  The co-host reached the semi-finals, and before the third place game, conceded to only Clint Mathis, Christian Vieri, and Michael Ballack.  Among those goal-scorers, Mathis scored with the most style. Continue reading “Goal of the Week: Clint Mathis v. South Korea, June 2002”

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